Indigenous Peoples in Border Regions

06 de Febrero, 2017 Impresión
Indigenous Peoples in Border Regions

The project will contribute to standards for control and surveillance of Indigenous peoples in border regions, and protocols for the exchange of traditional knowledge in land management and biodiversity for the formulation of life plans among indigenous communities.

This project is part of the second phase of the Program "Strategic Framework for the development of a Regional Agenda for Protection of Indigenous Peoples in Voluntary Isolation and Initial Contact (IPVI&IC)”, with funding from the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB). This program aims to create educational policies and actions agreed between governments, civil society, and indigenous peoples.


Component 1: Development of standards to protect the health of indigenous peoples in the border regions.

Component 2: Promotion and exchange of mechanisms for the use of traditional knowledge of indigenous communities in the bi-national and tri-national borders as a basis for the development of sustainable management plans for these areas.


The developing of a Work Plan with the proposals of Member Countries in land and biodiversity management on indigenous lands and territories are expected; as well as activities related to epidemiological control in the border region.

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